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Love able Labrador Pups

All dogs used in the Cascott Dog breeding programme are selected based on a criteria which examines both their health and nature. Dogs which are unhealthy, bark excessively or are overly excitable are not selected.


Chocolate Female

Marsagan Esta of Loch Nan Eun.

Hips 4 : 4

Elbows 0 : 0

DNA : Clear 


When next in season (2023) , Esta will be bred with Vitesse Dancing Brave (NZ). This should produce a litter of Black and Chocolate pups which will be clear of all diseases (as tested by Orivet) and have good 'prey' drive. 


Black Female

Cascott Red Celtic Bonnie

Hips 3 : 4

Elbows 0 : 0

DNA : 


I am waiting for Bonnie's next season when she will be bred with Rusty. The entire litter will be Yellow (possibly Fox Red). These pups will all be clear of any diseases (as tested by Orivet).

I hope to keep a male pup from the litter to train for a career in Retrieving Trials.  


Yellow Female

Sootystar Sweep the Poole

Hips TBA

Elbows TBA

DNA : Clear

Sweep will have her Hip and Elbows scored soon and providing these are ok will then be mated with Adderslot True Boo (Ace). Ace is dominant Black so I would expect all pups to be Black. This is a planned and very much anticipated breeding with National Retrieving Trial champions on both sides of her pedigree. I hope to keep a male pup for Retrieving Trials. 

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