Love able Labrador Pups

All dogs used in the Cascott Dog breeding programme are selected based on a criteria which examines both their health and nature. Dogs which are unhealthy, bark excessively or are overly excitable are not selected.



Black Female

Frankie was mated to Cascott Sleep'n with Angas and has three lovely male pups. They were born on the 13th September and have only now opened their eyes. These pups have made their way into the homes of Jess, Puri and Jen


Black Female

Gracie is a lovely athletic young lady who has had a first litter of 7 pups. 4 x Fox Red and 3 x black. The sire of this litter is Huntogun Red Ace. Prospective owners are now counting the sleeps (Jan 1st 2022) when these pups join their  families. A big thanks to Louise and her family for raising these pups so beautifully.


Yellow Female

Nala is a spectacularly athletic young lady who will have a first litter early in January 2022. She has been mated with Huntogun Red Ace (a vibrant Fox Red dog from the Huntogun Kennels in Devonport Tasmania) and if all goes well they will have a litter of all yellow pups. sometime later this year.