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Love able Labrador Pups

All dogs used in the Cascott Dog breeding programme are selected based on a criteria which examines both their health and nature. Dogs which are unhealthy, bark excessively or are overly excitable are not selected.

Polly 3.jpeg


Chocolate Female

Marsagan Esta of Loch Nan Eun.

Esta is one of our young females who has plenty of energy and will make a lovely mum. She was bred by our good friend Nicky Marr at Marsagan Kennels in Queensland. We expect her to come in season in the next few weeks (Sept 2022) and she will be mated with Elton.


Black Female

Cascott Born to Challenge.

Polly is a litter sister to Elton. She is a lovely young pup who is calm and trainable and loves her family. She has had the necessary health checks and will most likely be mated to Rusty. She should have Black and Yellow pups. 


Yellow Female

Sootystar Sweep the Poole

Sweep comes to Cascott Kennels from the Sootystar Kennels (David Elliot) in Victoria. She is a fox red girl whose mother is from the Tasmanian Huntogun Kennels (Dale and Sue Marshall). She is extremely well bred and is already showing great promise for a career in Retrieving. 

Future Litters: Available Pets
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