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Quality Labradors for work or fun

Cascott Dogs, of Longford Tasmania,  have been breeding quality Labradors for many years. Our emphasis in using some of the best genetics available in the world (particularly UK 'working lines') tends to produce pups which bond well with their owners, are a pleasure to live with and learn exceptionally quickly.

Working line Labradors from Cascott Dogs are a more athletic type.

Only Labradors which pass stringent health tests are used in our breeding program.

Whilst many of our pups are well suited to life as a family pet, others have become  successful assistance dogs providing canine companionship to people with a range of needs. Some pups have gone on to successful careers in Retrieving Trials and others enjoyed life as the rough shooters paddock companion.


Cascott Dogs at : 28 Smith St, Longford Tasmania 7301

0436 013 213

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