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So you've decided to get a pup. That's so very exciting. Most likely you've discussed it with your family and decided the breed you're after.

If you're after a Labrador Pup :

  • Contact Cascott Dogs by clicking on the contact button, filling in the email and let them know you are looking for a new family member.

  • Cascott Dogs will then get in touch with you to ask you a couple of questions about the pup you are after :

    • Preferred gender

    • Preferred colour (yellow, Black, Chocolate)

    • Do you need a pup for any particular purpose

    • When did you hope to buy your pup

  • You will then be added to Cascott Dogs Puppy Wait list. This list is often quite extensive and some people wait over 12 months to finally get their Cascott Pup.

  • Once you are listed on their wait list Cascott Kennels will keep in contact with you to let you know of proposed litters and who the prospective parents are.

  • Once the pups are born they are allocated to prospective owners and a deposit will be required. 

  • Pups head to their new homes at 8 weeks of age after they have had all the necessary health checks, vet visits, vaccinations and microchip implants. 

  • Owners can make arrangements to visit and meet their new pups once the pups are more active (around 3 - 4 weeks old).

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