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Below is information regarding the stud dogs Cascott Dogs use.

Copperbirch Salmon at Marsagan_edited.jpg


Copperbirch Salmon at Marsagan

Carries Yellow
Date of Birth: 20/12/2010
Hip Scores - 6/6
Elbow scores - 0/0
Eye examination - clear
Orivet DNA tested : carries SD2 (dwarfism) but clear of all other diseases
Our good friend, Nicky Marr from Marsagan Kennels in Queensland, brought Sam to Australia from the world-class Copperbirch line and has a truly outstanding pedigree. Nicky says " He is without doubt one of the best bred stud dogs from Scotland. He is a great dog, very calm and one of few Labradors with a normal relationship to food. He is gundog trained and loves being out and in the water."



Vitesse Dancing Brave

Pen Hip Scores R .29 L .39
Elbow Scores 0 / 0
DNA : Clear
Brave is a very well titled working dog Bred by Graeme Palmer and Sonya Tamblyn in NZ. He is a lovely young dog who has been NZ Retrieving Dog of the Year several years in a row. Cascott Dogs have been fortunate to purchase some semen from this young dog (He is a Black Dog carrying Yellow) and we look forward to breeding his to just the right young girl.



Cascott Born to Rule

Hip Scores : 5 : 7
Elbow Scores : 0 : 0
DNA : Carrier of Dry Nose
Elton is a beautiful young pup. He is a son of Dot and Chill (Blackhills Calm The Farm). He has a good hip and elbow score and loves to retrieve. He loves to be with his owners and is a joy to live with and train.



Huntogun Red Ace

Hips Scores : 1 : 1
Elbows 0 : 0
DNA : Clear of all diseases as tested by Orivet.
Our thanks to the Huntogun Kennels for allowing us to use this young talented dog. Ace is extremely sound and loves his work as a competitor in Retrieving Trials.

Adderslot True Boo.jpg


Adderslot True Boo

Cascott Kennels have successfully acquired some semen from this amazing dog. Ace's pedigree includes some of Australia's best performed Retrieving Trial dogs including his dam who has won Australia's National Retrieving trial on 3 x separate occasions. He also boast some excellent performed dogs from USA. He will be used with just the right female to produce excellent working pups.




Rusty has come to Cascott Kennels from our good friend Nicky Marr at the Marsagan Kennels in Queensland. He lives with a young family on Flinders Island where he enjoys a wonderful life of sun, surf, boats and beaches.

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