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There are numerous aspects of breeding dogs which must be researched and understood. The first consideration is to picture the type of dog one wants to breed. Cascott Dogs look to breed the more athletic type of Labrador often known as a 'working Labrador'. When considering breeding stock we research the health of the animal (Hips and Elbows ; DNA test for diseases). We also place great emphasis on the dogs nature and characteristics. Cascott Dogs are constantly striving to breed a pup which is healthy, loves being with people, is easily trained and has a calm disposition. I will not include dogs in our breeding program which do not conform to these parameters. ie I will not use dogs which bark ; I will not use dogs which are too boisterous or too active, I will not use dogs which are too independent and run away, I will not use dogs which show any agression to other dogs or people.
The last consideration when breeding is colour. I do not routinely breed for colour as to do so often requires one to overlook other aspects of the dog.

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