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Our Girls

Below is information regarding our Girls.


Marsagan Esta of Loch Nan Eun

Carries Yellow
Date of Birth: 06/02/2021

Hip Scores - 4/4
Elbow scores - 0/0
Orivet DNA tested : Clear 
Our good friend, Nicky Marr from Marsagan Kennels in Queensland sent Esta to us when the pup was just 8 weeks old. She was named after the famous Loch nan Eun in remote Scotland. Her Grandfather is from the world renowned Copperbirch Kennels in Ireland. Esta is one of the darkest Chocolate dogs I have ever seen and often mistakenly thought of as being Black. Esta is definitely a 'smoocher.' She loves to be with people and offers her head for a scratch behind her ears or under her chin. 

Sweep with Decoy_edited.jpg


Sootystar Sweep The Pool

Hips : 1 : 1
Elbow Scores 0 : 0
DNA : Clear
Sweep is named after a famous hand puppet I watched as a child (Sooty and Sweep). She was bred by David Elliot (in Victoria) and her Grand Father is an Australian National Retrieving Trial Championship Winner. This perhaps explains her strong drive to retrieve and her exuberant nature. She does everything at full throttle. We are having fun already in Retrieving Trials. She is Fox Red in colour.

Bonnie Lying.JPG


Cascott Red Celtic Lady

Hip Scores : 3 : 4 

Elbow Scores : 0 : 0
DNA : 
Bonnie is a beautiful young fox red pup who is loved greatly by her owners in Hobart. Her Grand Mother is Dot (service dog). She loves to run and retrieve. 

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